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  • Do you offer commissions?
    I accept a limited amount of commissions each year. Feel free to reach out to me with details and I will consider if I can fit it into my current work flow. Please note that the largest original painting I would consider making is 11 x 14 inches.
  • Can I share your work?
    Of course. You are welcome to share my work on social platforms, magazines etc. but please make sure to credit me if you do. It is always humbling to see my work travel. I especially love to see my work in your home - if you feel like sharing feel free to email me a picture or tag me on instagram @jacquelineclairesmith.
  • Rights to your work
    I retain the sole rights to all artwork I produce. This includes the rights to the image of sold & commissioned original prints and paintings. I do not permit the right to produce and sell reproductions of my work unless I have granted permission with written consent for full or partial rights to the artwork.
  • Who makes your prints?
    I do! Each print is produced in house and hand cut to it’s specific size. I put loving care in my craft and the fine art prints that I produce. I use quality, thick acid-free paper and an epson printer with inks designed for endurance.
  • When do you release new original paintings?
    My painting practice is centred around a natural flow stemming from moments of inspiration. I do not work to specific deadlines or quotas. Releases can occur as individual works or as collections. All new releases will be announced through social media and email. If you don't want to miss out I recommend signing up to my emailing list here so you can be notified in advance when artwork will be released.
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