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Hello, I'm Jacqueline Claire Smith.

Welcome to my studio.

Painting enables me a meditative chance to reflect on the intricacy of the living world and the grace I experience living in it. My art seeks to share that peace and connection, offering contemplative moments of pause and invitations to revel in nature's splendour. 

As a lover of truth and beauty, I seek authenticity while drawing inspiration from the natural abundance of our world. 




In early youth, I frequently rose at dawn to immerse myself in my imaginative worlds. I ran many fictitious businesses from our living room floor - chief editor of a magazine, writer and illustrator of many books, songwriter, fashion designer with regular runway shows, ticketed theatre performances, art exhibitions and I even ran a radio show - just to name a few. Not a lot has changed - I am still that heart centred, focused and creative industrial girl.


During my childhood I was also granted a lot of time in the wilderness during camping trips and summers in the bush and coast of Victoria, Australia where there is no shortage of musings and exploration. The seeds of my creativity were well watered and nourished. My first painting was made by mixing clay from vibrant coloured rocks with lake water and finger-painting pictures onto the landscape itself.


For as long as I can remember, my creativity has been rooted in an earth centred relationship. I have always loved gathering notes from nature. In early years I was mesmerised with a little shack of a local shell museum - so intrigued by an attempt to archive and display the beauty and intricate diversity of the natural world. Many creative projects at that time were fixated on how to repurpose my own fast growing collection of shells.  


As years went on, I attended many lessons and mentorships before delving deeper at the Victorian College of the Arts, completing a Bachelor with Honours and have participated in regular solo and group shows. I am currently self represented and sell my work directly from my home studio in South East Victoria, Australia. Outside my studio, you will find me going for walks in nature, cooking and practicing gardening and home herbalism.


Thank you for listening, and joining me on my journey.


Much Love,


- Jacqueline x

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